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A Models Vacation – Byron Bay



Models tend to run around nonstop and multiply that by 20 when it comes to supermodels. The question becomes where to go on vacation … even if it is simply a short weekend getaway. In actuality, the place doesn’t matter as much, as it does how to maximize your visit. Let’s face it, with limited time off, it is always best to know the behind the scenes scoop about any getaway spot. The following is the insider scoop on what do to when in Byron Bay, supermodel or not.

First and foremost, where is Byron Bay? Byron Bay is a beachside town located in New South Wales, Australia. The town is 480 miles north of Sydney and 103 miles south of Brisbane. In Bryon Bay, you can expect a subtropical humid climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Tourists flock to Byron Bay for its exceptional snorkeling, scuba diving, backpacking and whale watching; a significant contribution to the local economy. However, there is much, much more to the experience.

An Amazing Accommodation for All.

Overnight accommodations are always key with any travel destination. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere to find you are on the outskirts of town and a long drive distant from all the area’s hot spots. The Byron Quarter Holiday Apartments offer elegant, spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, located in the center of Byron Bay, with convenient access to beautiful beaches, fabulous shops, vibrant bars, quaint café’s and exquisite restaurants. The accommodations are ideal for families who want to utilize functional kitchens and laundry machines to couples, singles, groups of friends and business owners; all looking for comfort and an ideal location.

On the premises, guests will enjoy a heated plunge pool and the friendly, knowledgeable staff is readily available to book any tour, even if it simply means helping you with travel arrangements to your next destination. Succulent Café, also located within the building, is a great spot for Byron Quarter Holiday Apartment guests to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch before they head out for the day’s activities. The Byron Quarter Holiday Apartments are truly a home away from home, and all area amenities are right at your doorstep. Guests who stay at this wonderful location will have no need for their car or taxicab.

Restaurants to Rave About

The restaurant scene is diverse and abundant; most with energizing, live music at night. Below are some of the highlights to satisfy any traveler’s palette.

The Farm.

Three Blue Ducks are the owners of a restaurant and produce store located on The Farm in Byron Bay. The restaurant is located on an 86-acre working biological farm in Ewingsdale; and is known for organic, fresh ingredients and grass-fed, grass finished meats. Expect wonderful food in a beautiful setting and top-of-the line service. This is where the term Farm to Table really executes its meaning.

St. Elmo Dining Room & Bar.

St. Elmo Dining Room & Bar is well known for its Spanish tapas and share plates. With an intimate setting, diners will experience an infusion of flavors and are offered a global list of over a hundred wines. A great setting to have a specialty cocktail and relax at the bar prior to dinner.


If you are in the mood for Italian, Cicchetti is a great place for Italian tapas, serving exquisite cuisine, where traditional meets contemporary. The bar features an extensive wine list, with selections that compliment every dish.

The Roadhouse Café Bar.

The Roadhouse Café Bar is usually quite busy and you will feel its great vibe the second you walk in the door. The restaurant is great for dinners and breakfast, and the menu is all sustainable, also offering nourishing, organic, whole foods and elixirs. It’s the new hotspot at the moment.

The Treehouse.

At The Treehouse, patrons will experience a laid-back hippy vibe accompanied with live, original music. Located on Belongil Beach, you will be sure to enjoy great food to heal the body and original music to warm the soul, barefoot vibes and sandy floors.


Located a rolling wave away from Wategos beach – one of the most coveting beaches in the world, diners can enjoy the exquisite view while enjoying five star food with the region’s freshest, local produce and stylishly prepared dishes.

The Top Shop.

A fabulous casual café located in Bryon Bay, is well-known for great burgers, house-made pastries, fresh granitas and is located near several surfing beaches. With great roasted coffee this is a great locale for both breakfast and lunch, hipsters come as a side serving.

Sensational Shopping Spots

Byron Bay has plenty to offer and here is a quick overview on where to pop in whether you are a model on the run or a tourist taking a beach day off.

Hope & May.

Hope & May is a unique lifestyle brand offering an eclectic bohemian-style fashion. Additionally, Hope & May offers housewares reflective of their world travels to the beautiful surroundings of Byron Bay.

11:11 O’Clock Boutique.

This boutique offers a unique Aussie designer line and is another great shop to fill your suitcase up with bohemian fashion before your trip home.


Pompidou, Byron Bay, prides itself as one of Australia’s leading designers. Pompidou houses the best and upcoming designer fashions, for both men and women. This is also a great place to shop if you accidentally left your swimsuit at home or want to purchase a new one.

Enzo & Toto.

Enzo & Toto showcases a wide range of Aussie fashion from clothing to jewelry to accessories and much more. A great place to shop if you want to see a mix of everything that represents Aussie fashion and other prominent designers as well.


Image curtesy of Oracle Fox Blog

Boost Yourself, Boost Your Life



By Jessica Sepel – @jshealth

Here are 6 simple ways to boost your self esteem.

1. Do something for someone else – There really is no greater feeling then helping someone out.  Whether a small or large act of kindness, it is always great to lend a helping hand.

2. Look in the mirror and state one thing you love about yourself  – The most important relationship you will have is the one you have with yourself. When I am feeling down or stressed, I often look in the mirror and say “I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself. I have time.”

3. Do your favourite form of exercise  –  We all love endorphins! But there is no need to push yourself to exercise vigorously every day. Instead, try and move your body for 30 minutes each in your favourite way – whether a jog, walk, pilates or yoga! At the moment, I am loving pilates.

4. Write in your gratitude journal  – This is one of my most humbling practices.  Often, I will wake up and write down 5 thing I am grateful for that day. Here, you will realise how blessed your truly are.

5. Indulge in a day of pampering – Amazing way to feel great about yourself! I often indulge in acupuncture or a massage.

6. Validate someone you love – tell them how much they’re worth it. The power of a compliment is amazing. Tell someone who has been there for you how grateful you are.



Always Wanted Your Hair to Grow Faster? Here’s How



Source: Gritty Pretty

This week, I made the decision to grow my hair out.

I made the call, oh, maybe 0.34 seconds after I had it chopped short. Good timing, Eleanor.

Don’t get me wrong – the cut itself is great; excellent even. But, subconsciously, I think I had been missing my long hair for some time and it just so happened that right then and there, I decided I wanted to revert back to longer-looking strands.

Now before you say anything, there is such thing as hair being too long and I definitely had my moment (which I won’t be reliving – FYI). In fact, that’s not what I’m aiming for here.

What I’m seeking is healthy, luscious and thick mid-length locks. You know the kind when you see a beautiful woman crossing the street and after she’s moved on, you later keep having flashbacks of the way her hair moved perfectly as she walked. And no, that’s not creepy at all.

While I’m on the tedious quest of getting some length back (sans hair extensions and complete with regular 8 week salon trims), I’ve enlisted the help of Katy Reeve, National Creative Director at TONI&GUY Australia, to offer some tips on how to make hair grow faster…

TIP #1

Get your hands in there. “Massaging promotes blood flow to the scalp, which in turn stimulates the hair follicles to make the hair grow faster,” says Reeve. Find a conditioning treatment that promotes optimal scalp health and hair growth. “A self-heating oil boosts circulation to the scalp and helps to restore damaged hair to a healthier state,” she says.

TIP #2

Take a chill pill. Reeve says, “Stress is one of the most important factors that contribute to hair loss.” And, she’s right. Some trichologists (which are doctors who specialise in hair and scalp) believe stress can disrupt the normal hair cycle and trigger hair follicles to either enter the telogen phases (also known as the fall-out phase). Reeve recommends trying to minimise stress whether it be through yoga or meditation and to ensure you have a good night’s sleep – this will encourage good hair growth.

TIP #3

Rosemary isn’t excellent just for lamb roasts. “Rosemary is great for hair growth because it stimulates the hair follicles,” says Reeve. “Drinking herbal and green tea also can also improve circulation and promote new hair growth.”

TIP #4

When in doubt, try a treatment. Pretty much a facial for your scalp. It removes dead skin cells and excess sebum to renew scalp skin and provide the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Reeve says it’s also a good idea to use a range of shampoo and conditioner that encourages thicker, denser hair.

So, is anyone else out there with me at the moment?

Rather than seeing the next six to twelve months as a depressing, laborious process, let’s band together, take on these tips and wait it out until we’re swishing our strands like in those cheesy infomercials.



A Model’s Workout On The Road



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Each and every one of us suffers from not exercising on the road. This includes each time you have made a conscience effort to even fill up pack of your overnight bag with sports bras and tennis shoes; while not working out whatsoever. Supermodels not only have a stringent diet routine, but a very strict exercise routine as well.

What exactly do models do for their personal routine when they are exercising out on the road? Most people in general cannot count on on all exercise equipment even working in a hotel gym – their home away from home. Please read further if you want to read about an exercise “Plan B” when you are out and a on the road, supermodel or not.

IF you bring it, it will come

When it comes to fruition the, “let’s assume the gym is run down attitude”, might as well be replaced with the “bring it myself mantra” – as this will work in the short term. Hopefully, your hotel is in a nice enough area where you can throw one some shoes and pound the pavement; but if not, you can easily bring some sliders and a rolled up exercise matt. Sliders are a great way to work your abdomen and legs; while your travel matt is also great for working your inner core. A jump rope is also a great way to add some high impact cardio to your workout, while taking up minimal space in your luggage.

Download an online workout prior to departure

Most models cannot afford to have a personal trainer in tow with them for their majority of their trip. On the flipside, most trainers offer online workouts for their clients on the go. This includes customized workouts where trainers will design a workout that is hotel savvy as well. Expect these workouts ab and plank heavy; combined with multiple burpees.

The Terminal B Workout

This is very sound advice when it comes to a model on the run or not. Let’s say for example that your, flight is delayed. Do you A. run to Starbucks and find a seat in the terminal, or B. go on an exploratory mission for some sushi and maybe walk to the shopping area in another terminal. We are not saying miss your flight, but staying active vs. sitting when you have the time, is an activity most people do not consider when they are busy focusing on getting to their connecting flight and staying complacent.

Bring your kids

If this is not a work-related trip, you can guarantee not to be sedentary when you have your kiddos along for the ride. The activity pirates will have you walking on the go nonstop, taking a break at the local amusement park or have you chasing them down the beach in a matter of minutes. On these type of trips, be sure to have your wallet in toe to stock up on boogie board rentals and dive accessories for the whole family. Another great theme with traveling with kids without question is that you end up eating and crashing a little bit earlier.

No Patience? Then Modeling Is Not For You



By Dania Denise
Modeling 101 – A Models Diary

I kid you not when I say that modeling is not always glamorous–whether it is high fashion or a commercial/print shoot. For those that have never been on the set of a photoshoot before, there may be some things that surprise you, namely how long and boring the down time in between shooting can be.

If you think that a modeling shoot means arriving, getting hair and makeup done, getting dressed, posing for the camera and then going home…that’s only the bare bones. Most don’t account for the time it takes for the crew to get the location setup, the time needed to change looks and other factors. For many shoots the actual time spent in front of the camera is less than the time you spend standing around waiting for everything to be ready.

For those that have zero patience and/or expect things to happen right away so that you can be somewhere else, this aspect of being a model will greatly disappoint you. Even for shoots that are typically shorter in nature, you can still expect to have some down time where you aren’t able to do anything. Even if you arrive early and are ready with your hair, makeup and outfit, if the photographer isn’t ready or if the location or set isn’t just right, guess what? You’ll have to wait.

Signs of experienced models on set include those that are tucked away in corners reading a book, surfing the Web on their phones or even doing homework. While such activities are typically not recommended for attending go-sees and castings, photoshoots are a different story. It is always a good idea to bring something that will occupy your time while waiting for the action to start.

I often have friends express interest in tagging along to one of my shoots and I have to explain to them that my reason for not allowing it isn’t personal…I’m truly saving them from dying of boredom! Sure, in the beginning it is cool and enticing to witness but after a while, especially in between shooting, the experience is anything but fun. I once had my cousin fall asleep in the corner of the studio during the entire shoot!

It is important to realize that photoshoots are not just for the purpose of having fun in front of the camera. It is a business process for all those involved. It takes time to get a studio setup just right. It takes time to make sure all of the equipment is functioning properly and accounted for. It takes time to test the lights and make sure that it is producing just the right look that the client wants.

It takes time to get a model ready for hair, makeup and wardrobe–especially if the next look is completely different. For shoots on-location it takes even more time and waiting around to get the ideal conditions, lighting, weather and element needed for the shoot to go off without a hitch.

So what is a model that is eager to get to work supposed to do in this situation? Find something to occupy yourself with while keeping an eye on what’s going on. If there are other models on set, that’s a plus because then at least you’ll have someone to talk to to pass the time. I love being able to make new friends with the models I’m working with or if I’m solo, I’ll get a good book or word search to keep me busy. Even during the times when I should be or am a little bored, I’m still excited because, hey, I’m still getting paid for it!

The biggest “don’t” in this situation is to complain. “Hurry up and wait” is a saying that is commonly used in both the acting and modeling field and the sooner you come to accept what that means, the easier your job will be (even if you’re bored in the process lol).